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new date in spring 2022

Next event: Italy meets China, Hong Kong & Macao

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How it works?

Register as wine professional

Are you a professional buyer, wine merchant, sommelier, or wine journalist?
You are welcomed to join SHOWROOM.WINE, explore new wineries and their wines, and ask for free samples.
Create your wine professional account now!

Get ready for the coming event

Our team might reach out to you for account verification, and we will keep you well informed about the coming event.
We also encourage you to explore our winery information before the event opens as the wineries might have limited number of samples.

When the event is open

You can explore our wineries and their wines during the fair period, and submit your sample requests on our platform. You can select 4 wines per each winery when submitting the request. The standard tasting volume is 150ml (about one glass). Meanwhile, the wineries might contact you for further communication after receiving your request for samples.

After the event is closed

After the event is closed, we will work together with our wineries to prepare wine samples. You will receive a final confirmation from our team about the samples you requested and delivery details. You can relax and wait for your samples!

Tell the winery what you want

After receiving our sample box, you can taste the samples at your home/office with ease. You will find all information about the wines in our package. Remember to tell us your after-tasting opinions, this is very important for building your profile in our professional wine community!


We start working with 15 wineries from 9 different wine regions in Italy, and our winery family is growing. Not all the wineries on SHOWROOM.WINE will participate in all online events in the future. We will have a clear indication for the participating wineries during the online events.

Our team is based in Italy. We will start with Italian wineries. You will find wineries from several different Italian regions.

The wineries might have limited samples available for buyers. When demand is higher than supply, the wineries will select the buyers to which send their samples according to the buyer’s profile and his request submission time.

This is a very rare situation. We hope all our buyers can receive the samples from their favorite wineries. However, if this happens, we encourage you to improve our profile on SHOWROOM.WINE and try again in the next event.

Yes. When you receive our confirmation about the sample delivery, you will have the wineries direct contacts. You are encouraged to contact the wineries even before receiving the samples. On the other side, when you submit the sample request to a winery, they will receive your request with your buyer profile. They might contact you as well.

No worries. Our packaging is specially designed for wine shipment. It protects the wine during long-distance shipments without impacting the original wine taste.

If you couldn’t get the wine samples from your favorite wineries, we encourage you to participate in the next event. The wineries might attend our fair again. We are working on the “Extra Request” function on SHOWROOM.WINE. Stay tuned.

Each online wine event might have different duration. Around 2 weeks after the event is closed, you will receive our confirmation about sample delivery. About 1 month after the event is closed, you will receive your wine samples.

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