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Next event: Italy meets China, Hong Kong & Macao

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How it works?

Register to be our exhibitor

Apply to be a winery exhibitor on SHOWROOM.WINE by completing our simple registration form

Get ready with your winery profile

Our team will reach out to confirm your application, create your winery profile - which will stay online on SHOWROOM.WINE even after the event is closed - and provide you full support for the virtual event

When the virtual event is open

Professional buyers will explore our winery profiles and submit their requests for samples. Our team will send you a weekly report of samples requests with the comprehensive profiles of buyers interested in your wines. You can evaluate the business matching level to approve the sample request, and you are also encouraged to contact the buyers directly even before the event is closed

We arrange the sample delivery

After the event is closed, you will decide to which buyer you will send the samples. Our team will send you the sample packaging and equipment according to your decisions. We will pick up the final samples from your location, repackage them for the buyers, and proceed with our logistic partners for international shipment

Know your clients better

Our team will provide you a comprehensive report including the buyer's tasting feedback on your wines, and we will collect your feedback on the buyers as well


We offer a simple package for each virtual event, divided in 2 Phases. In Phase 1 you pay a fixed fee to confirm your participation. In Phase 2 you only pay our logistic costs to send samples for buyers you approved.



Per virtual event


Per sending 4 wine samples to one buyer


We target buyers from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Each event will have a specific focus so our wineries can prepare the best communication strategy.

We carefully curate buyers quality on our platform. We will verify each buyer manually, and after each event we will collect the wineries’ feedback about each buyer they sent samples to. We are continuously verifying and completing the most accurate buyer profiles for our wineries.

Yes. We will share with you the profiles of all buyers requesting your samples during and after the event. You will have the chance to evaluate the profiles and select to whom you want to send the samples. You are also encouraged to contact the buyers before the event is closed.

For each event we suggest to consider a budget of at least €440 for sending samples to 20 buyers. You can set a maximum number of samples available for each event. In case we receive more requests, you can decide whether to decline some requests or extend your samples offering.

It is like filling a bag-in-box, but much smaller. Our team will provide you tools and tutorials to do it easily. We are working to also offer you a full sample preparation service. Stay tuned

We are partnering with a leading Italian company for the wine packaging, which products have been tested by sommeliers around the world. Shipment is absolutely safe and it does not affecting the wine taste. However, we can only handle still wine at the moment.

Once the winery is on board (participated in at least one event), the winery profile will always be on SHOWROOM.WINE, unless you request to remove it.

The buyer can always send a sample request on SHOWROOM.WINE, and we will inform the winery about the request(s). In this case, there will be no Phase 1 fee, but the shipment cost for Phase 2 will be quoted case-by-case.

Our reports covers two main aspects. The first one is the buyers’ feedback about your wines after tasting. The second one is a comprehensive report about the buyers’ behavior according to all wineries’ feedback. It is a good way to identify a good buyer from a bad one.

We can offer our Export Manger services to follow up with the buyers’ requests which you receive during our events to maximize your sales. You can contact us for more details.

Winery registration is open now. Don't miss the opportunity to meet your next client.

If you have any questions,

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